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              • This is a leading German forging company!

                Saarschmiede GmbH (SAL forging) has two new and old forge, a combination of traditional and modern technology. To 2013, the original forging workshop has 100 years of production history. The new forging workshop after nearly two years of construction, with the opening in May 8, 2010, the total investment amounted to 450 million euros. This scale of investment is the largest single investment in Saa...

              • How high is the German forging technology? Steel is like pla

                Forging is one of the main processing methods to provide mechanical parts blank in machinery manufacturing industry. Forging can not only get the shape of the mechanical parts, but also improve the internal structure of the metal and improve the mechanical and physical properties of the metal. Chinas forging industry is developed on the basis of importing, digesting and absorbing foreign technology...

              • Difference between cold rolling and hot rolling

                cold rolling Cold: the recrystallization temperature of cold rolling is called the following general, hot rolled steel coil as raw material, after acid wash Descaling after cold rolling, the finished rolling hard volumes, due to continuous deformation caused by cold hardening the hard roll The strength and hardness of the rise and decline of toughness index, so stamping performance will deteriorate...

              • Selection of mould material

                The selection of mold material before we talk about the mold material, we must first understand some basic things of the injection mold. First, it is the classification of the mold. In general, the mold is divided into five stages according to the length of the service life. The first class is more than a million times, the two is 500 thousand ----100 million, the three is 300 thousand -----50 mill...

              • Iron and steel industry to enjoy reform dividends Shandong s

                From the supply side structural reform, A shares of listed steel enterprises will continue to produce quite brisk performance report card. Last night, Shandong iron and steel announced a half year report that the company achieved 31 billion 560 million yuan in the first half of this year, up 41.32% from the same year, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 596 mi...

              • "Ground bar steel"

                In order to check the results of the ban on ground bar steel, at present, the 18 inspector groups of the fourth inspector of the State Council have gone to 18 provinces, such as Hebei, Tianjin, and other provinces (districts and cities) to carry out field supervision, and whether the land bar steel enterprise has been one of the inspector contents in accordance with the national requirements before...

              • A brief description of the characteristics and uses of 24 co

                1, 45 - quality carbon structural steel is the most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel. Main features: the most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties, low hardenability, and easy to crack when water quenched. Small parts should be treated with quenching and tempering, and large parts should be treated with normalizi...

              • Material selection and heat treatment of cold deformed die s

                With the development of mechanical processing industry, more and more components rely on cold working dies in production, and more and more cold deformation moulds are used. Cold volume die forging (cold heading, cold extrusion, imprint, etc.); sheet stamping (such as drawing, blanking, trimming, punching, etc.); material rolling (cold rolling, wheel forming, etc.). Although there are many kinds of...

              • What are the main factors that affect the machinability of d

                Generally speaking, a good material fee knife is expensive, which means that the machinability of the die steel is influenced by the material itself, and the material characteristics are mainly composed of its chemical composition, hardness and so on. Besides, what other factors affect machinability? The main factors that affect the machinability of die steels include: Chemical composition of 1. st...

              • After the die steel is finished, there are sand holes in the

                In the processing of some large parts of die steel, it will be found that there is a sand hole in the center position, which often causes very bad effect on the quality of the product. So, what is the reason for the sand hole in the middle of the die steel? Generally speaking, most of the sand holes in die steel are modules, which are the problems of module forging, which may be inadequately forged...

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